The first Sugarhouse opened in July 1983 at Anza Street, just off of Makati Avenue in Makati City. The small building housed a kitchen, bakery, and customer area. Through word of mouth, the popularity of the little cake shop grew. By 1994, more stores and a spacious Central Commissary were opened. With the establishment of the commissary, Sugarhouse was able to serve institutional customers such as companies and other establishments.


By 2008, Sugarhouse underwent a major expansion. There are currently a total of 7 stores; 4 of which are full dine-in stores serving cakes, pastries, and the complete meals menu; 2 of which are semi dine-in stores serving cakes and selected menu items; and 1 of which is a kiosk serving cakes & pastries only. By 2013, the Central Commissary moved to Makati City.


For a long time now, topping the list of Sugarhouse favourites are the French Apple Pie, Chocolate Truffle, and Marjolaine. Sugarhouse’s version of classic favourites such as Concorde and Blueberry Cheesecake are to die for. Adding to the list of bestsellers are the newly launched Chocolate Bliss and Coffee Sans Rival.


Although well-known for their sweet treats, Sugarhouse’s scrumptious savoury dishes should not be missed. Sugarhouse Club, Chicken Salpicado, Baked Pork Spareribs, Beef Ribs in Beer Stew, Roasted Pumpkin & Garlic Soup, and the Sugarhouse Chopped Salad are crowd favourites.

Committed to excellence for 30 years now, Sugarhouse prides itself in going the extra mile to deliver remarkable service and value for money. Time and time again customers come to Sugarhouse for special celebrations or simply to give in to their cravings. Whether you come in to take out a cake, have dessert and a cup of coffee, a light snack, or a full-course meal, Sugarhouse will surely provide a delightful and satisfying experience.


There has never been a better time to come home to good taste. Come home to Sugarhouse.

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